No Fixed Abode is a place where people who experience homelessness can be connected to people who want to provide help.


These helpers may assist with finding a job, income generation, and finding adequate places to live. We want everyone to experience the comfort of permanent housing and resolve homelessness now.

In many cases, a person experiences displacement because employment doesn't occur soon enough after someone moves into a new place. It's critical that employers support No Fixed Abode and register to offer employment opportunities readily.     

Transitory homelessness is when a person transits from one temporary accommodation to another. People in cars, garages, on couches as well as at overnight hostels are transitory homeless. Transit homelessness represents the majority of homeless people in New Zealand. People who are transit homeless are at risk for surface homelessness, which means to live without any shelter whatsoever.

On No Fixed Abode, anyone who is homeless can post their skills and work experience. People who are able to support must register so that they can review posts and reach out to establish contact.

We hold meetups in central Auckland where people experiencing homelessness can meet in person with people who are willing to help. We hope to see you at the next event!